Welcome to Apex Prevention Therapy. Here, we invite you to discover the many benefits of our private community therapy programs, designed exclusively for maturing adults.  Our programs are designed to prevent, modify, restore, create, and maintain the desired lifestyles of today's maturing adults. Programs are lead by physical and occupational therapists under the care of your primary physician. Conveniently located in the home community environment, members can find refuge from the clamor and demands of the clinical setting in a place where they can relax and be themselves. As you navigate this website, you'll find a wealth of information about our services and benefits for you and your community.  You'll find your therapeutic needs are completely covered without insurance restrictions.* Apex Prevention Therapy team members pride themselves on being different from other healthcare professionals.  We truly focus on providing a professional service, in a private and friendly atmosphere for our valued members.  This is a difference that we cherish and strive to preserve daily. After you have perused the information on this site, and you would like to inquire about scheduling a presentation from one of our therapists, please call our office at 760-844-5014 or e-mail us at ApexPreventionTherapy@gmail.com . *Does not include the cost of medical equipment. Welcome Apex Prevention Therapy Disclamer   Contact Us